Automatic Count balance

★Aluminum shell/Large space wind proof cover

★LCD(White back light with black font)

★Tare function

★Overload alarm/Level indicator

★Interface RS232/Printer

★Unit conversion:OZ/Tex/Nm/Ne/D/g/m2/oz/yd2

★Date/Time/Number of samples/Yarn blend codeset

★Automatically store 100 data/Delete             and continuation

★Statistics/Print:Each weighing value,

Maximum value(Max),Minimum value(Min),

Average (AV),Uneven rate (CV)


Model Capacity Readability Min Weighing Repeatability Linearity Linearity Draft Shield Size Communication Temperature Cal.Weight Packing Size Gross Weight
GS203SD 210g 0.001g 0.004g ±0.002g ±0.003g Ø90mm 240x190x265mm RS232 5-25℃ 200g 465x315x660mm 9kg



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