Density Balance


★Color plastic shell/Aluminum shell

★LCD/Tare function

★Overload alarm/Level indicator

★Option:Interface/Printer/Wind shield


★Density frame(Solid/Liquid)

★Direct display sample density

★Density reference set

Product application :

Product specifications :
Model GS300-2CM GS600-2CM GS602M GS303M GS203M
Capacity 310g 610g 610g 310g 210g
Test Mode Solid/Liquid Solid/Liquid/powder/water absorption
Readability 0.01g 0.01g 0.005g 0.001g
Min Weighing 0.04g 0.04g 0.020g 0.004g
Repeatability ±0.02g ±0.02g ±0.010g ±0.002g
Linearity ±0.03g ±0.03g ±0.015g ±0.003g
Unit Conversion weigh:g/ct/oz  density:D weigh:g/ct/oz  density:D/%/K
Pan Size 160x70mm
Tank Size 139x100x78mm
Temperature 5-25℃
Cal.Weight 200g
Packinge Size 310x230x130mm+440x310x300mm 440x310x300mmx2
Gross Weight 4kg 6kg



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