Precision Balance


★Large range and high precision/Aluminum shell

★LED(Green) / LCD

★Tare function/Counting

★Overload alarm/Level indicator


Product specifications:

GS-C specifications
Model Capacity Readability Repeatability Linearity Pan Size Stable Time
GS2000C 2000g 0.01g ±0.02g ±0.03g 180x180mm ≤3S
GS3000C 3000g 0.01g ±0.02g ±0.03g 180x180mm ≤3S
GS4000C 4000g 0.01g ±0.02g ±0.03g 180x180mm ≤3S
GS5000C 5000g 0.01g ±0.02g ±0.03g 180x180mm ≤3S



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